Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend

I joined a blog party for none other then blogging! lol
For the whole month of September I am going to be posting a blog every day.
This is going to be a huge challenge for me since records show I have only posted 2-3 times a month if at all. You can read more about the blog party and also join myself and others by clicking on the blog party picture to the right.

I might even be throwing a surprise or two throughout the month for my blog readers. So be sure to come visit and leave a comment or two through out the month.


Yesterday my mom went to the ER for trouble breathing and was later admitted. Several large size blood clots where found in both her lungs. She is on IV drips meds and we are now playing a waiting game with her body to see if the clots dissolve on their own.

Please keep her and our family in your thoughts and prayers that she is healed quickly.


Friday was a very long and stressful day being at the hospital with my mom, waiting for test results and not knowing what in the world was going on with her. Even though we went to bed very late this morning, Mr. P and I awoke early to head to a farm auction just down the road from us.

You have to understand this auction was not advertised except in a small local free paper. The house we are certain was built sometime in the 1800's. We also had been to a garage sale at that same house early this year and bought a wonderful old handmade trunk (which I will have to show you in a future posting). So we were excited to see all the other wonderful old items and see if there were any bargains to be had at the auction.

Saying Mr. P and I were sadly disappointed would be a understatement. Besides HUGE amounts of farm Tack, wagons, sleighs and 1 or 2 pieces of antique furniture (that went for way to much). All there was, was a bunch of Junk! I have bought plenty of junk in my past and made it look prim but this junk did not even have potential. I bought the very first item they auctioned off, which was a small wooden sleigh with white chippy paint. Mr. P bought a large mirror to hang above our fireplace. We spent a total of $16 and then went for lunch.

I did not get a picture of the mirror Mr. P bought, but I will once he hangs it.
Here is a picture of the sleigh I bought.

Here are a few pictures from the auction. The couple use to have lots of horses. Notice the three huge aisles of horse tack!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Favorites

With the weekends approaching Friday always seem to whiz by without notice. So I thought it would be a perfect day to have Friday Favorites. A posting about some of my favorite people, places or things.

Here are my Fur Babies, which they are all my favorites. :)
Next week I will show you some of my favorite things about our new house.
I am also working on my blog to be less cluttered, more postings, and a giveaway soon too!

What are a few of your favorite things?

TT Kitty

Emily (aka Chubba)

Maxwell James


Monday, August 16, 2010

Yard Sale & New Goodies

My yard sale went SUPER great on Friday and Saturday sales dribbled in. My dad brought down 4 van loads of items and sold almost everything. I sold almost everything on Friday and let my younger sister sell my remainder items and keep the money on Saturday. Sadly I forgot the sunscreen and paid the price for it on Sunday.

I picked up some wonderful items from my dad that he was going to sell. Most of them were from my grandparents farm when I was young. Some old LARGE blue canning jars, old produce scale an old oil lamp with the reflector and some other odds and ends.

Mr. P and I visited one of the local bars/restaurant on Sunday evening for dinner. Mr. P was happy to find they had 25cent chicken wings and $1 drafts. After our long and busy weekend it was nice to just relax on Sunday with each other.

Sadly Monday morning came way to early today. Here we are another week trucking along.
I am am bound and determined to get my kitchen finally completely unpacked and organized. It is driving me nuts with boxes under foot and things every where.

I will be sure to share photos of the kitchen once I have everything in its place.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Been Off Enjoying Summer........

We have been busy with moving, repairs, more moving, Me being sick, having a yard sale, then Mr. P being sick, and more moving. We have also been enjoying the new farmers market in our town park every Saturday morning. Here is a picture of a small portion of our bounty recently.
Green beans for a steal and Amish made raisin bread. YUM!
I actually look forward to jumping out of bed each and every Saturday morning to see what awaits us.

I have been busy unpacking more and more, washing, scrubbing and putting away. I feel for every box I unpack there are 2 more waiting for me. I have no choice other then to keep myself unpacking since I was in a little fender bender a few weeks back. So I am without a car for hopefully no more then another month.

Of course the house is a huge work in progress so pictures will be sparse for the moments until more work is done and walls are painted. I can say besides paint on the walls there is at least one room that is coming together nicely. That would be the ever so small pantry. haha

Before - small oak dresser was in there for linens I believe.

Now -- I use to be a HUGE coupon user so do not be alarmed by the 10 bottles of A1 sauce or 30 cans of chicken broth. I should also mention I still have 3 boxes of food I could not fit in here. So it has been a treasure hunt if we need something.

My old wooden Yeast box hold spice packets. I hope to find more to store items on the shelves.

Old oak drawer found at a barn sale for 10cents!

Old wooden black bench (that Mr. P does not like) holds various old wooden crates.

On the floor a old chippy paint egg basket holds extra boxes of foil and baggies.
Crock bowl holds extra containers of spices.

Tomorrow and Saturday we are having a town wide yard sale. My dad and sister are both bringing down all sorts of things to combine with the few items I will also have for sale.
I hope I can grab a few moments to go scour the sales on Saturday morning on my way to the park for the farmers market.