Thursday, August 12, 2010

Been Off Enjoying Summer........

We have been busy with moving, repairs, more moving, Me being sick, having a yard sale, then Mr. P being sick, and more moving. We have also been enjoying the new farmers market in our town park every Saturday morning. Here is a picture of a small portion of our bounty recently.
Green beans for a steal and Amish made raisin bread. YUM!
I actually look forward to jumping out of bed each and every Saturday morning to see what awaits us.

I have been busy unpacking more and more, washing, scrubbing and putting away. I feel for every box I unpack there are 2 more waiting for me. I have no choice other then to keep myself unpacking since I was in a little fender bender a few weeks back. So I am without a car for hopefully no more then another month.

Of course the house is a huge work in progress so pictures will be sparse for the moments until more work is done and walls are painted. I can say besides paint on the walls there is at least one room that is coming together nicely. That would be the ever so small pantry. haha

Before - small oak dresser was in there for linens I believe.

Now -- I use to be a HUGE coupon user so do not be alarmed by the 10 bottles of A1 sauce or 30 cans of chicken broth. I should also mention I still have 3 boxes of food I could not fit in here. So it has been a treasure hunt if we need something.

My old wooden Yeast box hold spice packets. I hope to find more to store items on the shelves.

Old oak drawer found at a barn sale for 10cents!

Old wooden black bench (that Mr. P does not like) holds various old wooden crates.

On the floor a old chippy paint egg basket holds extra boxes of foil and baggies.
Crock bowl holds extra containers of spices.

Tomorrow and Saturday we are having a town wide yard sale. My dad and sister are both bringing down all sorts of things to combine with the few items I will also have for sale.
I hope I can grab a few moments to go scour the sales on Saturday morning on my way to the park for the farmers market.

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  1. I love how you incorporate your prims into your pantry. You have some neat old things!


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