Saturday, March 30, 2013

CVS Deals (3/30/13) - Saved 100%

I am starting to Love CVS! With their extra care buck program, sales and coupons you can really find some great deals on health and beauty items. An also some common pantry food items too!

To find out more about CVS extra care bucks and how to get started with saving money on common every day items. I highly recommend you stop over to Simple CVS.

For me this week I had $13 ecb to roll from a transaction early this week.

So I grabbed the following;

Lipton Tea 100ct  $3 each   x4   (Summer is coming! - Sun tea yum!)
Hellman's Mayo $3
Hormel Complete Meals $2each x3

Total: $19.00

 - $1 Lipton Tea Coupons  x4 (local grocery store promo the previous weekend)
- $1 Hormel Complete Coupon x2  (Printable coupon HERE)
= $13.00
- $13 Ecb  = FREE!

Plus another $5 ecb printed that I can use on my next shopping trip.

Then I headed over to Meijer and I saved 50%
Now the dreaded haul everything in the house and put it away.   :)

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