Monday, May 24, 2010

Working on the Yard

I honestly dread peonies, always have for some reason. I am sure it is because I can not stand any type of bugs and they seem to attract ants of all sorts. Well of course there 4! Yes 4 Peonie plants our yard at the new house. lol
This one is planted beside the garage and has already started to bloom. Strangely enough it does not have a scent at all and is a very dark shade of pink I have never seen before. Much darker then I was able to capture with the camera.

We had a yard crew come in the last week and clean up the back of the yard. It was so over grown with heaven only knows what. They left the berry bushes alone at our request. Sadly the overgrown grape vines had already choked out and killed one tree. (The one the far left side)
I did not get a chance to snap before photos since they showed up a day earlier then expected.
We had been able to avoid the neighbors awful backyard behind us until now. We for see a fence going up sometime in the near future.

None of the fence we able to be seen before.
We also had the area that was previously used as a garden tilled for us.

Sadly I think when the yard crew took out the overgrown weeds and grape vines at the one corner of the lot they also might have torn out the nest belonging to this dove and her babies.
Thankfully the baby shown here with the momma has survived and a second baby has now shown up too.

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  1. It's always fun and exciting to get your own home and decorate it. I sure hope when you feel the pain and see those bruises, just think ~There is no place like HOME!!!!~~ haha

    It does make you feel great as you finish one project to another and you will be doing it for awhile too. Really have fun decorating your new home :O)



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