Monday, February 3, 2014

How To Freeze Avocados

Hello Lover! Yes it is true I am in love with Avocados. They taste great on just about anything and everything. The problem is, our weekly grocery budget is not large enough to buy them every week. 
I can normally find them for $1 - $1.25each! (yes that is on sale)
So when a local store this past week had them on sale for .55c each I was jumping for joy. I knew exactly what I was going to do. 

I picked up 20 avocados an a few limes (which were also on sale)
and came home and got to work. 

I used a youtube video HERE as a reference. 

Slice 2 avocados in half.
Remove pit
Scoop out flesh into a bowl
Use potato masher to break down the flesh
Add 1 table spoon of lime juice (1 tablespoon per 2 avocados)
Stir well to make certain lime juice is mixed in 
Scoop into small sandwich size bags, releasing all extra air. 
Place bags on a cookie sheet in freezer until frozen (I left them in over night)

In the morning, then you can remove cookie sheet from freezer. 

Take a large freezer bag an mark the contents and date. 
Be certain to put how much is in each bag. This way you know for future use when using for recipes. 
I have skipped this part in the past, telling myself I will remember. Trust me, you never remember when the time comes. 

I always put the date on the right side by itself. So then I can reuse this bag again for more avocados in the future. Just cross of the old date, and add the new one below it. 

Place all smaller bags in larger freezer bag! 
Be sure to squeeze out all the extra air. 

It is all ready for the freezer and all your future avocados adventures!

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