Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Treasures... I still had a bag of change to spend. LOL

Although I had spent all my spending cash this week. Dh still had his, and he wanted to go to a few garage sales. So I went along with him with my small baggie full of change. I figured I might be able to find a few things still.
Dh found this Brand New! Rotisserie. It was brand new, still sealed in the box.
Brand new they are about $150 He bought it for $10!
We are both excited about it. That is our dinner cooking in it earlier tonight.
It sure was Yummy! :)
This awsome Chicken Birdhouse on a old Pitch Fork!
So cute and only $5 at a Garage Sale
It has some broken tree branches attached to it,
which I am not super fond of. So I took them off
after taking the picture.

We found out Habitat For Humanity has a "Restore" store near our house.
People and local businesses donate items to the store, and anyone can come buy things there.
With the money going to Habitat for Humanity.
We stopped in to check it out. They have lots of things there.
I plan on going back to rummage through their large paint selection and
ALL the scrap wood to make some signs.
They get new items at the store each day.
But today I only found a small shutter for $1
It is dirty but in solid condition. Not sure what I am going to do
with it yet. But it was cute and just the right size to hang on a
wall or sit on a cupboard or shelf.

I also picked up a sheet of scrapbook stickers for .25cents and
a Brand New candle for super cheap.

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