Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday June 21 - Toilet Paper Deals

I checked out my favorite coupon forum site this afternoon. To find a great toilet paper deal posted by another member. I am so glad I checked out the site, otherwise I would have missed out on the deal. Be to sure to check out to find out all the latest deals at your local stores. Everyone is super nice and the site and the members have a wealth of information about coupons, stockpiling, and deals.

My dh, brother Craig and I all headed to Kroger and Meijer this evening.
Here is a picture of all everthing I ended up getting tonight.

oop Paid: $ .18

6 - 4 Packs of Angel Soft Toilet paper (On sale 10/$10 - Used 6 coupons for .50 off each one that doubled making them all free - except for tax that is where the .18 I paid came from)
1 Bottle of Hunts Ketchup ($1.69 - Used a coupon I received in the mail for a free bottle)
4 Bottles of McCormick Seasonings ( On sale 10/$10 - Used 4 coupons for .50 off each on that doubled making all free)

oop Paid: $9.25

2 - 1lb packs Jeanie O Turkey from the Deli (On Sale for $1.99 a lb - used $2 off coupon on each package. One pack was $1.88 and one was $2.02 - So Made a whole .10cents)
1 pack of fresh pork from the Meat department $3.80
1 pack of fresh pork from the Meat department marked 40% off for $2.61
5 - 6roll packs of Northern Toilet paper ( On sale for $2.50 - Used 5 Meijer store coupons for $1 off and used 5 coupons from the newspaper for $1 off each one. Making them .50 for each 6roll pack.)

The Northern toilet paper deal was only good for today since the coupons from the paper expired today, and the sale price started today. I was luckey enough to get there and get the last 5 packs on the shelf.

Angel Soft toilet paper is going to be on sale at all Krogers until September 2009, but the coupons also expired today.

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