Thursday, December 10, 2009

God Keeps Blessing Us

With the holidays fast approaching you would think I was would be busy with all the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating and wrapping gifts. Although in all honestly I have not been much in the holiday spirit this year. I am not sure what has brought this on. I am certain the lack of money this year has put a huge damper on things.

We did finally get the tree up and few decorations as well. Which did help to put I think myself as well as Aaron into the Christmas spirit a bit more. Turning the Christmas music on and making some cookies always helps too. :)

Although the Christmas spirit has been greatly lacking in our home. We have been greatly blessed the last several weeks. God has been showing us His wonderful love in various other ways.

First I won a wonderful blog giveaway of the 2 most adorable handmade Christmas mice.
Kim over at Old Road Primitives made this stunning little creatures. Be sure to visit her blog and grab up some of her other handmade goodies for your home.
This was my very first time ever winning a blog giveaway which made it even more special.
I only have a very few prim type Christmas decorations so I was so excited to add them to my prim decor. They are sitting up on a shelf in my living room for everyone to see, and so my 3 cats do not think they are dinner. :)

Thank you so much Kim for offering these cute little mice as your giveaway. They arrived safe and sound to my door step on a day I truly needed a lift of Christmas spirit and prim cheer.


I received a email last week which I almost deleted thinking it was spam. Thankfully I took a second look at it. I won a $100 American Express Gift Card! I do surveys and this one your name was thrown into a hat to win a amex GC. I was so thrilled. It should be here in the next 6-8 weeks.

My dh and I have changed how and what we eat. To help us lose weight and become healthier.
In the last 45 days I have lost 14.5lb and my husband has lost 36lb.
That does seem like a lot of weight loss to some people but please understand my husband and I are plus size people. We are also losing the weight in a healthy way that we can live with for the rest of our life. You can read more about it on my husbands blog Losing 200 Pounds 1 day at a time.


I am praying that God continues to bless us with a promotion for Aaron at work. Please keep Aaron's job and our family in your prayers.

Here are a few pictures of Christmas this year at our house. It is pretty bare since we have very limited prim Christmas decor.


  1. Tasha, Isn't it amazing how God blesses us when we are least expecting it! Keep looking towards God and I promise you, you will be blessed! When I look back on our Christmas's in the past, it seems like the ones that we had the least were the most memorable! I think that we all get to caught up in the material side of Christmas and that's when it gets stressful and becomes no fun! Wishing you and your hubby a wonderful Christmas Season!

  2. Tasha, Hang in there sweety. The holidays are tough on a lot of people. Just remind yourself how fortunate you are to have what you've got and most importantly, each other. Oh, and don't leave out your fur babies. I have five myself, and they are my lifesavers when I'm feeling a little blue. Chin up, it'll pass. Keep up the good work on your weight loss, and you'll feel much better. I'm a plus size too. It happens to the best of us I always say. The Lord gives us what he knows we can handle. Merry Christmas! Hugs! Carol


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