Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day and our trip to PA

Let me first warn you I am sure this post will be lengthy as well as have lots of pictures.

Aaron and I spent Christmas day at my moms house, which lives right next door to us.
It was nice to wake up at home with the tree lit and then just walk next door in our PJ's for unwrapping gifts. Our family tradition is that everyone receives new PJ's from my mom on Christmas Eve which we all open. We have to wear the PJ's on Christmas morning. I decided to stay in mine all day though. They were super comfy. Another tradition that was started when we were little by my grandma, was to have oatmeal on Christmas morning after we all unwrapped gifts. Of course we still keep that oatmeal tradition even though my grandma grace is not with us anymore. It just would not feel like Christmas without the oatmeal.

Although no one wanted me to take photos on Christmas, I figured it was about time to get some pics since we have not done so on Christmas day since we were little.
So here is everyone in their pride and glory in the PJ's.

My mom on the left and sister monica (mimi) on the right. Mimi is due with the first grand baby on Jan 20th

My sister Autumn digging into her stocking candy.

My brother in-law Jason. He hates cameras.
Yes that is my mom's apple green kitchen. lol

Aaron happy about his movie passes in his stocking

My brother Craig checking out his lottery tickets to see is he won.

After opening presents and eating our oatmeal we went home to give our fur babies their gifts.
The three cats all shared a can of wet food. Which is a real special treat for them since we do not normally give them wet food. Bailey enjoyed her busy bone which she just LOVES.

We had to snap a photo of the cat since this is a VERY rare sighting at our house with all three cat in such close distance to once another.

Bailey looks like she is growling in this photo, although she is just chewing a piece of her bone.

Aaron and I attempted at taking a family photo this year in front of the tree. lol
I say attempted because our camera is not to great and my fat bum could not move fast enough. It also did not help with Aaron looking like he was in so much pain. lol Here are the 2 BEST attempts. We plan on buying a new camera this year, so hopefully next year will be better.

Aaron and I went to western Pa to visit his family this past week. We left on Saturday morning after Christmas. We had a good time, but we were very ready to come home on Tuesday as well.
We were able to have 2 nights out with his old friends. One night at a friends house with lots of yummy munchies and we played cards and poker until 1am. We had a blast though.
Thanks for hosting a great night Colette! Aaron and I had a great time!

Colette loves prims and country style things in her home, as well as she collects bird houses. I wish I had taken my camera with me to get a picture of some of the cute things she has in her home. Colette also made this very yummy pepperoni dip among all the huge spread she had laid out for us all. I retrieved the recipe from her today, and plan on making it tonight for New Years eve. I will share the recipe with you all in my next post.

We spend time with Aaron's parents where we stayed. We had not been back since June so it was quality time much needed with them. We had Christmas dinner together and opened gifts on Sunday afternoon.

Aaron and I gave his mom this fall floral arrangement that I had made and the Christmas stitchery below I also made. The floral arrangement was not wrapped so we gave it to her when we arrived on Saturday she was so happy with it I thought she was going to pee herself. lol That was before she even knew I made it. lol She loved it! She also loved the christmas tree stitchery I made for her. I threw that bad boy together in a weeks time. I found the frame at a TS and painted it black with a red coating brushed on top. I think it turned out pretty good for only my second stitchery.

Aaron's dad is so hard to buy for. If you give him clothes you will find them 5 years later still in the closet with the tags on them. If you give him gift cards they will never get spent. So since he is a truck driver and is on the road all week. We decided to pick him up 2 2liters of his favorite pop, 2 big bags of his favorite chips and 2 bags of his favorite candy. These are things he would normally purchase throughout the week anyways. So he was happy with that.

Sunday night we went to a local private club/bar to spend some more time with a few old friends. I was the driver so only had a drink early in the evening. My husband on the other hand was 3 sheets to the wind. I am sure these photos will explain everything. lol

All the single ladies, All the single ladies ..........................

Aaron and his man purse - that is what he called it

Some of our friends in Pa that we miss dearly.


  1. Hey Tasha, no wonder you didn't post in awhile. You two were having the time of your lives. I love the photos, and my MIL's kitchen is apple green too! LOL. She loves it! I love the stitchery you made for your MIL, it looks nicely prim. Oh, and tell Aaron I think a man purse is okay in my book. Hugs~Carol

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