Monday, January 11, 2010

Meal Plan Monday & New Year Goals

I had some down time today while at school. So I decide I would take the chance to get this posted. This year I made Goals rather then resolutions. As we all know that no one ever keeps their resolutions, and it is slightly easier to reach small goals and take baby steps toward progress and change.

Speaking of baby steps, that is exactly what my goals this year are all about. Following Dave Ramsey's baby steps to financial freedom. Aaron and I followed Dave's plan a few years ago and we did great with it. We truly enjoyed the stress relief it gave us knowing where every dollar was going. I am sure you have heard of Dave Ramsey, if not stop on over to Dave Ramsey site.

2010 Goals

1. Make a weekly meal plan & Stick to it!
2. Bring all basic bills current
3. Put $1,000 in the bank for emergencies
4. Pay off $5,000+ in debt (I know not alot, but I wanted to set a small goal to start)
5. Start using coupons again
6. Build our stockpile of HBA & Pet supplies
7. Start a small garden
8. Learn to can (my great mother in law has volunteered to help us in this adventure)
9. Lose weight!
10. Fall more in love with my husband and repair our marriage with God as the center (I left the best for last)

Some of these goals will take longer then others. Some will take more patience and hard work then some. But I hope and plan on obtain all of them, or at least die trying, by the end of 2010.

Here is our first monday meal plan.
I should point out a few things. We eat alot of salad, and make normally everything from scratch with little carb, pork or processed food intake. I am looking forward to sharing some very yummy recipes coming soon too.

Breakfast Staples: Oatmeal (we eat alot of this), eggs and leftovers (why not yet dinner for breakfast, you eat breakfast for dinner. lol

Lunches: We both normally take a salad, wrap or leftovers for lunch so this varies greatly.


Mon - Leftovers from Sunday

Tue - Pork Steaks & Baked Butternut Squash

Wed - Chicken & Salad

Thur - Applebee's (date night is every Thursday after my class for 1/2off appetizers!)

Fri - Homemade Chili (Will post recipe soon)

Sat - Curry Chicken w/ Yogurt sauce (Will post recipe soon)

Sun - Veggie & Beef Stir Fry (Will post recipe soon)

If you would like to join everyone else who is joining in on Meal Plan Monday, be sure to check out Organizing Junkie. You are sure to find some recipes your family would love.


  1. Good girl Tasha! You're headed in the right direction and with the Lord by your side. I wish you the best of luck, and pray you are successful. Hugs~Carol

  2. You are absolutely right, my daughter eats dinner for breakfast several times a week. She loves are leftovers and can't heat them up at school, so she heats them up in the morning for breakfast.

    Have a great week,

    Tammy @ Spend A Little and Save A Lot


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