Friday, January 1, 2010

Recent Thrift Store finds & Projects

For some reason as of late I have jumped in with both feet into trying new crafts and learning how to make all these great prims I see everyone else making.

I have learned I LOVE making stitcheries! Here are the two I made for Christmas gifts.
The santa is my very first one, so lots of mistakes and such. But I gave that to my mom and she loved it anyways. These were also the first frames I ever painted. I love how they turned out. I just used basic craft paint. Painted a coat of black then a coat of dark green or red. The second one is a close up photo of the one I made from a coloring book page I found online for my mother in law.

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree this year. I need to make or find a different tree topper for next year and find a way to keep the tree skirt on since the cats always destroy it the first day. The santa I found at the dollar store and tea strained him. The tags and candy canes were from the Christmas swap I received this year. I made the mittens (my own design) and painted them. I cut the strips of muslin and draped them around the tree. Next year I plan on having them all stitched and tea stained. Plus adding strings of dried cranberries.

I have been in a huge thrifting mood as well. We tried to stop at a few thrift stores and antique shops in Pa but most of them were closed for the week due to the holidays. We did find 2 thrift stores that were open in PA. I also had some time to kill before I picked Aaron up from work the other day. So I went thrifting again at one of my favorite local places.

Here are pictures of all my goodies.
The saltbox house needs to be redone, I am looking for a vintage honey label for the honey jar. The frames will all be redone of course, and I could not pass up that little tin for .25cents to make mini pantry cakes with.

I have been looking high and low for cutting boards. When I went there were 2 sitting right next to each other at the same TS. The uncle sam shelf sitter needs tighted but for only .25cents I snagged him, along with the horn for a whole 10cents!

The white hanging basket I love, but it has been painted with a shiny white gloss paint. Do I just repaint it? Or is there a other way to prim it and get rid of the glossy look?
Dh loves the watermelon the most he says. The heart wreath was a splurge for me. I have been eyeing a twig and berry wreath that just arrived at Joann's. But they want $35! Yikes!
So I decided to settle for this one for now since I do not have any Valentine decor and I figured $4 was much better then $35.

Today I am working on drying fruit, taking Christmas decor down, and I might try making a pantry cake. Depends on how much energy I have. I fell the other day at Aaron's work on the snow. I had parked on a small slope and I slipped right next to the car, sliding half way under the truck. By the time I was up on my feet again I was covered from head to toe in snow. I have been pretty sore since then.


  1. Uh oh, slips and falls. I've had my share of those. One on a muddy bank. It was funny, I just rolled with it and got covered in mud. It was fun. You found some really nice thrifties there. I love the cutting boards. Scritch your furry critters for me. Hugs~Carol

  2. To get rid of the shiny look, I've used denatured alcohol on wood. I don't know if it would work on metal, but you could test it on the back side.

  3. Have you checked out I think you might find a link to the jar labels there.


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