Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wool Bag Makeover & Dried Fruit

I am posting this early today since my second semester of school starts today.
I am going to be having very packed days. I have my writing class 8am-10am, Math from noon-3pm and sociology 4-6 on Mon & Wed and a evening 4hour class on Thursday nights for wedding floral design. (I needed a easy fun class).

I figured I will be planning on jamming all my homework and projects into Mon - Thur. Which will leave me Friday and the whole weekend to craft. We will see how long that plan lasts though.

My cold has moved from my chest to my head now. So I will be carrying a box of kleenex around this week with me, oh what a job.
I was hoping to start/finish several projects this past week. Although with my cold it really put a halt to all my energy.

I did manage to work on a small trash to treasure project.

I found this burlap bag at a thrift store in a 90% off Christmas bin. It was stuffed with cotton batting, had broken candy canes, a small dirty stuffed toy and ugly little presents all sticking out of it. But for only 10cents I could see past all that.
I was so excited to rip it all apart I forgot a before picture. lol But trust me it looked awful.

I free hand stitched the word wool, stained and baked it in the oven. Which was my first ever attempt at baking fabric in the oven. I love how it turned out though. No more air drying for me. lol

Here it is. I still need to find some real sheeps wool to stick in there.

I had mentioned in a previous post about trying to dry fruit. Well I need some help from the pros out there. I don't know what went wrong with my fruit. But it all looks burnt! Some looks dark brown and burnt while others are half burnt and half not dried. Urgh!
I did put them in lemon juice before drying them. Any pointers and tips would be appreciated.

I should say that I did not dry these in the oven. I just put them on the cookie sheet below for the picture.


  1. Hi Tasha, LOVE your creations! Look on the APJ forum for some great fruit drying techniques and tips. We've had lots of discussions on it. Hope you have a very blessed New Year!

    Hugs, Libby

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Have fun at school and your wool bag looks nice.

  3. Good deal on the bag. Geez, I've never tried to dry fruit. There's an appliance for that I know. Carol


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