Saturday, May 1, 2010

Need Your Help & New Finds

I have been struggling all week to find someone to come out to our middle of no where town to do our lawn mowing for the summer. I think I might have finally found someone to come out. They said they would let me know in a few days a quote. That was happy news to my ears.

We have been digging through cupboards and shelfs. Oh my goodness there is more in this house we bought then we realized! Here are some pictures of items we have found that we are going to be keeping. I hope you don't mind all the photos. :)

Two old farm photos of the ancestors or the previous owners. We are going to go search for them as we know they are right outside of town.

Ok and now I need your help desperately. We are starting on some yard work this week. We have some wonderful flowers in the flower beds and some raspberry bushes in the side lot.
One thing that has us puzzled is something that is in the front flower beds though. Does anyone know what this is? Don't mind the tulip popping it's head out.


  1. Hi Tasha,

    I really like all the things you found in your new house. What great treasures. Good luck on figuring out what that plant is in your flowerbed.


  2. How fun to find all of this in your new house. It will all look great with your other prim decor. I love the quilted piece.
    Looks like some kind of groundcover in your beds, not sure unless it starts to bloom. The tulips are pretty though. Congrats on your new home!


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