Monday, May 24, 2010

Work has Begun!

We planted some wave petunias in containers on the stone and int he hanging baskets. I hope with in time they will be over flowing.

Things were taking a VERY slow start with the new house. As we were waiting on a large check to come to help pay repairs and updates from our loan. Well it finally arrived and now work has begun in full force.

Today electrical service is be switched over from 60 amp to 200amp! Yes I said 60! Having 60amp has been very scary with all the old tube and knob wiring. I am so thankful that electrical will all be updated with new wires within the next couple of weeks.

Last week we had all new Pex piping, taking out all the old galvinized pipes. The water before with the old pipes was so bad we could not even drink it.
For the new piping we had to cut a whole in the bathroom wall. We found out our ugly pink tile was not ceramic. Rather it was metal tile with a enamel overlay! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Our great plumber suggested we put in a new shower head at the same time, instead of using a head on a hose as the previous owner had been doing.

Before - with shower head on hose

After New plumbing - need holes and tiles replaced/repaired then shower head installed

We are trying to be thrifty and salvage as much as we can during the repairs. So we are keeping the old tub for now. We would ideally like to find a claw foot tub in the future but this vintage tub will have to do for now. We both loved the cool oval shower curtain holder. So here is my hubby unscrewing it from the wall to save for future use.

My hubby got the idea to why not redo the entire bathroom now since we both hate the pink tile. So off to the paint department we went.


  1. What color did you pick for the bathroom? Have fun fixing your home!

  2. We still have not decided on a color for the bathroom. We know we want to go with a green color, just not certain which shade yet.


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