Monday, September 13, 2010

Meal Plan Monday - Pantry/Freezer Week

Alright well last week we did ok with sticking with the menu plan. Much better then the week previous, and better then I had expected. For some reason when the weekend comes though, the menu plan seems to get thrown out the window. I need to make some meals for the freezer that I just take out and throw in the oven to make things easy on the weekends.
At least this week Mr. P did not fight me buying some fresh fruit other then bananas at the market. I am trying to pick my battles one at a time. lol

We have decided to go in together with my mom and purchase 1/4 of a cow from a local farmer that is all natural. Since we downsized our freezers when we moved I need to start now making room for the extra meet that will be coming at the end of the month.
Plus Mr. P has not been getting the overtime the last few weeks due to the holiday, so our budget is SUPER tight.
I figured this week would be a great week to start paring down the freezer and pantry to suit both needs.

Mon: Pulled BBQ Beef sandwiches and Apple Coleslaw (leftovers from last week) (Found the BQQ beef on sale and with a coupon for $1.99)

Tue: Taco Soup, Chips & Salsa and Fresh cantaloupe (Only bought chips, sour cream and fruit)

Wed: Smoked Sausage w/ Rice and Mixed veggies (Everything was from the freezer/pantry!)

Thur: Tacos, Mexi Rice & Corn (Bought soft taco shells with a sale & coupon for .19cents!)

Fri: Baked Fish, Mac & Cheese with some frozen Veggie (Bought baked fish)

Sat: Ham & Acorn Squash (Everything was from the freezer/pantry!)

Sun: Zucchini Sausage Casserole (Everything was from the freezer/pantry!)

Ok I just re-read my last paragraph and then realized I made my weekend menu hard again. haha We will leave it as is for now and tackle it when the weekend arrives.

What is your family eating this week?
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I edited above what we has used from the pantry/freezer so it does not look like we went out and bought all this. haha


  1. I love having a cow in the freezer!! We haven't done it in a while, but frankly--there's no room right now!!

  2. Tasha, you are so organized with your meal plans. I need to get there! We buy a side of beef and I love having it in the freezer, but the best part is the taste - no store bought beef tastes anywhere near as good. ~Ann

  3. We have some beef still left over from when my mil brought some to us and I love having it there to pull out for what we need.
    It makes planning meals so much easier, simple and less costly in the long run I think.

    Colleen - your comment made me REALLY laugh out loud. " I love having a cow in the freezer"! lol

    Ann - I just bought a cheap note book for .15cents and write out my weekly meal plans according to what sounds good and what we have on hand already too. I also keep a list of recipes of our favorites, and a list of new recipes I want to try in the future. Start simple.


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