Friday, November 20, 2009

Frugal Friday

This week I was thinking of projects I want to tackle around my house over my Christmas break from college. One area I want to get done is this cutout in the wall between the kitchen and living room. This is my grandparents house, and when we moved in there had been glass shelfs in this cutout in which my grandparents displayed nicknacks on of all sorts.

I am fond of having the opening there, but at the same time glass shelfs really are out of my decor. The glass shelfs were removed on move in day, with nothing to replace them it has just been sitting bare for almost a year. Yikes!

I finally decided distressed wood shelfs would look great there with canning crocks and a Dry Goods sign hanging above on the kitchen side.

Where do I buy cheap, and I mean cheap wood in short pieces like that in a city like mine which is full of over priced national chain hardware stores?

Ahhh my best hidden secret.... the HH Restore Shop.
We have a Habitat for Humanity Restore Shop that is like a hardware thrift store.
You can find anything to your hearts content to redo any area of your house at a fraction of the price.

Here is a link to search by state to find your local HH Restore

Today I went and picked these 2 pieces of old slightly weathered wood for $1 each
I have a hand sander on the top of my list for Santa to bring me. Although I do have
a very handy neighbor that loves all things old. So I bake him some cookies I am sure he
will let me borrow his hand sander.
I plan on cutting the length down for them to fit. Sand them down and paint them.
Now I have to scour some stores for more canning crocks.

I also dug this out of a bucket in one of the old sheds outside the Restore shop.


I behaved my self today and did not stop at any thrift stores.
Although I could not resist the huge Rummage Sale sign down the street
at a church. I spent a whole $1 ending up with a whole basket full of goodies.

Sorry not the best photo.
Flag Heart coasters, Wooden wheelbarrow with 3 tools, Wooden snowman,
candy cane and tree door hanger (going to repurpose) Strainer and Fall basket.
(the bag of nails are from a friend)

Ok now how do I make this a food screen cover? Help!

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