Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Saturday Shopping Spree

I had a itching to go to a old farm auction and find lots of prim goodies like the good old days when lived in western PA. Although driving 6 hours to attend a good farm auction was out of the question. So I searched and found zero in auctions around here for this weekend, which was not surprising in the least.

Hubby was not in the mood to go Thrifting with me so I decided to go alone which was a first for me. Although I had wished all day I had someone to go with me, I still enjoyed myself.
First off I got lost to a prim shop called Gathered Treasures I had never been too. I finally found it, but I was very disappointed with high prices. I bought a couple small things for crafting that was in the 50% of bin. Then made my way to Habitat for Humanity Restore Shop.
I found a rusty old rake handle and a brand new bag of moss. I was near my house so I stopped for lunch rather then eating out, so I could have more to spend later on of course. :)

I then stopped at 2 over prices garage sales without buying anything, then I spotted a new Junk shop. Wow was it filled with goodies. I wish I had money to buy them all. For those of you wondering about a junk shop. It is where the owner has so much stuff packed into a space, you have to dig and sort through things on your own to find your treasures. I assure you these are full of treasures, you just have to find them. I had my favorite junk shop in a small town in PA ran by a 80year old man that I swear had been collecting things all of his 80 years. Oh the goodies I had found in there.

Alright back to my thrifting expedition, at my new junk shop I found a cute child chair painted red and all weathered and prim. So darn cute for $4 I could not pass it up.
Then I headed to 2 thrift stores where I hit the jackpot. I left each thrift store with a cart load of goodies. I was hoping to find some items to redo and make up. But I ended up even better finding items that were good just as they were or items that needed only a little extras or prim accents added to them.

The second store is directly across from the 1st. I think people thought I was nuts when I eyed 2 ladder back chairs and about ran through the store to get them. lol
I was in heaven when the pair, yes the pair was $5.00 Woo Hoo!
I of course loaded them bad boys into my cart with all of my other small treasures.
I had a very large shelf that I had to hold in one hand while I pushed my overflowing cart to the front with the other hand. It was a sight to see. lol

I ended the day spending less then $50.

Alright here are all my goodies.
Also if anyone knows how to get permanent marker off painted metal please let me know.
One thift store is known for marking their items with what I thought was a grease pen.
Today I found it is actually permanent marker. I need to find a remedy to remove it otherwise return it for a refund since it is right on the front.

This shelf needs cleaned up, but is already distressed and ready to hang.

I could not resist this welcome sign. I had hubby hang it by the garage entrance.

Here is my darling little childs chair.
It might join my kids sleigh and ice skates for Christmas.

This Happy Spring sign still had its original price tag.
Going to grunge and prim this up for spring.

Very creative person made this, I am not sure how it ended up a thrift store.

This twig tree needs some extra grapevine
added to it and some white lights and it will be perfect.

Blue basket and rusty tin snowman candle holder.

One of my favorites, a mini buttock basket


  1. Tasha, Ooo, nice finds! I love the ladder back chairs. Good girl! I hope you told your hubby that you sure could've used his help:), but good for you goin' it alone. Desperate times call for desperate measures, ay?
    Hey, thanks for entering my giveaway and much luck to ya! Carol

  2. Awesome finds!!! Our local GW seems to think the items they have are worth a million bucks too!! I dunno why...LOL

  3. That mini buttock might be an antique. Nice little basket

  4. Triple Star Cowgirl; that is what I thought too. If it is, it is near mint condition. I had one several years ago not in great shape which I sold. All this time I had wished I would have kept it. So I was very happy and excited to find this one.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by.

  5. You found some wonderful goodies!!! I love love love the little chair!!!!


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